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Check out this Article in Entrepreneur Magazine about the benefits of a Cafeteria PlanWe are excited to welcome you to the world of Cafeteria Plan Services -- the hottest recipe in Employee Benefits!

We are confident that you will find our service beneficial for your company and your employees. There are several reasons why our clients choose Cafeteria Plan Services for all their Cafeteria Plan needs.

Cafeteria Plan Services Benefits Card®: All employees who enroll in a Medical FSA have the option to receive a Cafeteria Plan Services Benefits Card®.

Plan Document and Summary Plan Description (SPD): Cafeteria Plan Services provides a standard Plan Document to all of our new clients and an SPD to be distributed to all participants.

Toll-Free Assistance: Employers or Employees may call during our business hours for questions about their Flexible Spending Accounts. Cafeteria Plan Services's toll-free telephone number is 1.866.791.2802. You may also contact your Cafeteria Plan Services representative directly from our Contact Us page.